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Category:Components, circuits, devices & systems

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Fleming diode
Fleming diode

Components, circuits, devices & systems is a broad category that attempts to bring together the inner workings of electronics; articles dealing with the "nuts and bolts" of the technology fall under this banner. Fundamental and early components include capacitors and resistors; the first capacitor is generally considered to be the Leyden jar, invented by Pieter van Musschenbroek in 1746 at the University of Leyden. Other later examples of essential components include transducers, semiconductors and vacuum tubes.

Related to components, circuitry also plays a huge part in the manufacture of electronics. Analog circuitry contains wires in addition to electronic components, and can be as simple as a string of Christmas lights. With the advent of transistors and integrated circuits in the 1940s and 1950s, respectively, more complex digital circuitry would allow for both the miniaturization of electronics, and a vast increase in their processing power. Such devices made possible by the introduction of transistors and integrated circuits include microprocessors, which are essential to the operations of today's computers. Various other electrical devices such as electron tubes, sensors and oscillators are also included in this category.

Many IEEE societies span the interests of components, circuits, devices & systems, including the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, the IEEE Components Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society, the IEEE Electron Devices Society, the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society, and the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society.


  • Circuit types - Encompasses types of circuits such as analog, digital and linear circuits
  • Circuitry - Included are topics which deal with the workings and issues dealing with circuitry, such as circuit noise, silicon on insulator technology and circuit synthesis
  • Contacts - Electrical contacts for joining electrical circuits
  • Electron devices - Electron devices and tubes such as cathode ray tubes, vacuum tubes and electron guns
  • Electronic components - Topics pertaining to components such as capacitors, resistors, diodes and switches
  • Electronic equipment manufacture - Various elements related to the manufacturing element of components, circuitry and devices are included in this category
  • Filtering - Different types of filtering methods such as active, Bragg and harmonic filters
  • Instrumentation - Topics relating to devices used for measurement, such as oscilloscopes and probes
  • Integrated circuits - One of the 20th century's largest breakthroughs in electronics, integrated circuits paved the way for miniaturized electronics
  • Logic devices - Logic gates and arrays are among the concepts which provide a foundation for digital circuits
  • Measurement - Related to instrumentation, measurements of various quantities has many real world applications
  • Oscillators - Various kinds of oscillators and their applications related to electric devices
  • Sensors - A sensor is a measurement device which produces a readable signal
  • Solid state circuits - Devices composed of a solid material where the flow of electronics is confined to the solid material
  • Thermal management of electronics - Topics dealing with heat in electronics
  • Tunable circuits and devices - Topics dealing with circuits and devices which may be tuned such as RLC circuits

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