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[edit] Background

Woodcut showing use of an abacus
Woodcut showing use of an abacus

Various technical topics that relate to the engineering profession span across all branches of engineering and do not apply to just electrical engineers. Included in this category are those topics, which include mathematics, scientific disciplines like physics or chemistry and design methodology.

[edit] STARS Articles

IEEE STARS articles are peer-reviewed articles on the history of major developments in electrical and computer science and technology. Available in the scientific tools and discovery category are:

[edit] Subcategories

  • Design methodology - Topics that pertain to design and creation, including critical thinking methods, sustainability and articulation.
  • Mathematics - Mathematics such as calculus, algebra, and numerical analysis are all essential components of engineering
  • Reliability - The ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time
  • Scientific disciplines - Various non-engineering scientific disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy
  • Systems engineering and theory - An interdisciplinary method to engineering which has practical uses in complex projects which span multiple fields