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IEEE STARS Candidates:  

[edit] Background

Electrically powered devices are an integral part of today's society, and the introduction of power distribution grids, the electrification of transportation systems, and the harnessing of natural energy for electrical power was one of the most profound developments of the 19th century. Landmark events like Edison's Pearl Street Station (1882), the Vulcan Street Plant (1882) and London's Electrified Subway (1890) would lay the foundations for worldwide power distribution. Topics in this category pertain to the generation, distribution, manufacture and industry application of electrical power.

Technical societies within the IEEE whose areas overlap with this category include the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, IEEE Industry Applications Society, IEEE Power & Energy Society, IEEE Power Electronics Society, and the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society

[edit] Subcategories

  • Consumer electronics - Electronic devices designed for consumer purchases such as sound systems
  • Electric variables control - Topics pertaining to control involving electric variables including current and gain control
  • Electrochemical devices & processes - Devices and processes which produce electricity from chemical reactions such as batteries, fuel cells and supercapacitors
  • Electromechanical systems - Various mechnical systems which produce electricity such as belts, drives, and furnaces
  • Electrostatic devices & processes - Devices and processes dealing with static electricity including particle charging, surface charging and triboelectricity
  • Energy - Topics pertaining to energy as a whole including energy capture, energy dissipation and energy conversion
  • Engines - Machines which transform energy into physical motion
  • Manufacturing & production - Various issues dealing with the manufacture and production of electronics
  • Packaging - Preparing products and electronics for commercial distribution
  • Power electronics - The use of electronics for conversion of electric power
  • Power engineering - Engineering for power distribution and electrification
  • Power generation - Topics and devices which are capable of generating power such as nuclear power generation, solar power generation and hydroelectric power generation
  • Power systems - Various kinds of power systems such as hybrid power systems, industrial power systems and transformers