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[edit] Background

Chicago World's Fair promotional poster
Chicago World's Fair promotional poster

Technological advancements are usually not born from a vacuum (including vacuum tubes), but instead typically come from specific needs of society. These needs are quite broad in scope and can range from military needs to highway infrastructure to leisure. The mass distribution of electric power, motor vehicles and the introduction of computing have all had profound effects on today's culture, and have completely transformed modern society from how it was before the electrical revolution. Topics included in this category deal with the impact technology has on society at large. IEEE's interest in this field is represented by the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology, which publishes IEEE Technology and Society Magazine and focuses on on environmental, health, and safety implications of technology; engineering ethics and professional responsibility; the history of electrotechnology; technical expertise and public policy; peace technology; as well as on social issues related to energy, information technology and telecommunications.

[edit] STARS Articles

IEEE STARS articles are peer-reviewed articles on the history of major developments in electrical and computer science and technology. Available in the culture and society are:

[edit] Subcategories

  • Defense & security - National defense has been one of the largest sources of funding for developments in electrical engineering. Included in this category are topics related to the defense industry, including specific conflicts like World Wars I and II.
  • Disasters & accidents - Both natural disasters in addition to meltdowns and explosions can severely impact society and have consequences for engineering
  • Education - Topics related to non-engineering specific education, such as literacy and educational infrastructure
  • Environment - Environmental impact can often be a concern for certain engineering decisions
  • Ethics & morals - Ethics and morality can play a large part in engineering
  • Health - Non-technical health topics such as exercise, longevity and nutrition
  • Home & family - Engineering issues as they impact every day life
  • International affairs & development - As electrical engineering is an international profession, its affairs often impact international developments
  • Law & government - Legal, patent and government regulatory topics
  • Leisure - Activities like music, movies, games and visual arts
  • Urban & rural - Topics that effect various demographic developments
  • Workplace - Issues pertaining to the workplace such as safety in the workplace, workplace diversity and division of labor