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[edit] Background

Business End of RCA Broadcasting Station
Business End of RCA Broadcasting Station

Business, management and industry covers the non-technical workplace elements of electrical engineering field. While these are not areas limited to electrical engineering, the field has been intrinsically linked to business and management strategies since its beginnings. High profile figures like Thomas Edison, Frederick Terman and William Shockley all have had different and influential management strategies that have profoundly influences the profession.

Many of the First Hand and Oral Histories cover aspects related to management and business dealings. IEEE has produced a series of cassette programs related to engineering management, including Management Principles for Engineers, The Engineer as Entrepreneur and Manager: Engineering Management Strategies, Engineering Management Interface, Sales Management Techniques, The Engineer as Entrepreneur and Manager: Doing Business with the Department of Transportation and Understanding Automation: An Engineering Management Philosophy.

[edit] Subcategories

  • Business - Business related topics such as contracts, market research and public relations
  • Economics - Topics dealing with the economy as a whole, including macro and microeconomics, exchange rates and commercialization
  • Industries - Various types of industries such as agriculture, mining and defense industries
  • Management - Issues relating specifically to management, including human resource management, project management and innovation management