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About First-Hand Histories
First-Hand Histories Engineers, scientists and related professionals have long been the main actors in the drama of technological innovation. Knowing their stories, and the stories of their organizations, is essential to understanding how and why technology has progressed as it has for the benefit of humanity. This is the first web-based site that gives technologists from around the world the opportunity to relate their personal, first-hand experiences as central participants in the process of technical innovation in its broadest context. See a list of all first hand histories posted on the GHN.
Contribute First-Hand Histories
Do you have a story to tell? No matter how big or small, we would be delighted to add your memoirs to our collection. Areas like the thought processes that led to choosing a particular engineering solution, how one came up with the idea for an invention, or projects that have given the most personal and professional satisfaction are all great areas of focus for a first hand history. To contribute your First Hand History, enter the title of your narrative and click on the "Create First-Hand History" button.
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First Hand History Collections
Some of the IEEE History Center's First Hand Histories are grouped into distinct collections. Click below on the collection that interests you:

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