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Archives:Automation for Health

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Automation for Health

IEEE 1969 International Convention and Exhibition , "Automation for Health"

Monday 3-24-1969 - 10-11 am:

    • Gerald Cohen, National Institutes of Health, chair
    • Bruce Waxman, (unable to attend, read by Cohen), "Technological Opportunities for the Delivery of Health Care"
    • George Webb, Johns Hopkins Hospital, "One View of Automation for Patient Clinical Care"

Monday 3-24-1969 - 11-12 pm:

    • Webb (cont.)
    • Dr. W.R. Kirkham, Perth Amboy General Hospital, "Computerization of Medical Laboratory Services"

Monday 3-24-1969 - 1145-1230 pm:

    • Dr. E.B. Rawson, Medidata Sciences, "Interactive Data Handling for Multitest Facilities"
    • Dr. Bartlett, Johns Hopkins Medical School, "Application of On-Line Information Handling to Anesthesiology"